I  had always wanted to try yoga. I took a beginner course and loved it. My favorite part was savasana, the meditative, relaxing finish to a great yoga class. I spoke about this with a yoga teacher and he suggested if I like that part of the class I should go to a meditation class and learn to meditate. And so I did, and the rest is history. 


I've since taken many meditation and mindfulness courses over the years and have come to see both as  ongoing practices. The discussions about life and living that go on in class are just as beneficial as the actual practice. I have seen people experience very positive changes in an eight week course, from the


The Road to RETREAT

first class to the last class, from physical health issues to emotional health reasons, to just wanting to continue to be happy. The benefits people can experience are huge and it's wonderful to be a part of it. 


Over the years I've gone to many meditation and mindfulness retreats on the east coast, as well as out to the west coast, to practice with the well-known meditation guides, Deepak Chopra and davidji. They are as fantastic as our local teachers. I've learned what a retreat can look and feel like and want nothing more than to share this wonderfully beneficial type of experience with other people. This is a natural transition for me from years as an event planner to now sharing the types of retreats and workshops that I have such a passion for. 



Joanne Fagerstrom, my friend and teacher, is also my partner in RETREAT, as well as in the Bone Health workshops we do together. Joanne is a Feldenkrais instructor and a Physical Therapist. At RETREAT Joanne is also one of our teachers. We learn about the Feldenkrais method, which is about moving mindfully and retraining our brains to move the way our body should move. 


RETREAT is designed to be a day of taking care of yourself. You may feel like you've had a mini vacation. It will always be held at a lovely venue with a perfect setting, in many different locales. We'll enjoy a healthy lunch and snacks together with a group of like-minded people. Carefully selected wonderful, experienced and passionate teachers guide us in meditation, yoga, qigong, reiki and Feldenkrais, just to name a few. The program will be ever changing, always adding new teachers to our group. Each experience will feel like a new day.



Replenish your soul, increase your joy, ease your stress, by learning self-care. We'd love to see you at our next RETREAT. 

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2017, Shelley Zeichner