obsession to Overcome Osteoporosis

I have an Obsession with Overcoming this Osteoporosis thing. It's been going on for quite awhile.  Many years ago a rheumatologist sent me to get a Dexascan and then diagnosed me with osteoporosis. He suggested I take Boniva. I read the literature and possible side effects and did not go forward with Boniva.


Many years passed. Dexascans were ordered every two years by other rheumatologists.  I searched for a doctor I could trust and feel comfortable with. I started to do intense research about osteoporosis, anywhere and everywhere. Other medications were prescribed, I filled them, they sat in my medicine cabinet. One of the possible causes of my osteoporosis at a young age was Nexium, the little purple pill for acid reflux. I took it for years, my gastroenterologist assured me it was safe. Not the case, it turns out! This added to my hesitation about taking more medication.


The dexascan results basically remained the same, except for the year I did a lot of walking, one of the numbers showed some very good improvement. I started to think there was more to building bone than  taking pills or getting an infusion!


Fast forward to 2013, I met Joanne Fagerstrom, a Physical Therapist. I started taking her Super Bones classes for people with osteoporosis, geared towards learning balance, posture and building bone. And, I found she has a similar Obsession  with Overcoming this Osteoporosis thing! 


Joanne was holding a yearly workshop called "Taking Charge of Your Bone Health." I am an event planner and decided to make a change and focus only on health and wellness events. We decided to team up in April of 2014 and bring in other practitioners such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, as well as experts in the field of the mind body connection.  The workshop was very well attended and got great reviews. There are so many women in the same boat, all looking for current information. Men have it too, they just aren't quite ready to attend a workshop with so many women! 


Our mission is to educate people with osteoporosis about all of the other good alternatives to building bone, without the side effects. Then, instead of saying "I have osteoporosis", we'll be able to say "We've Taken Charge of our Bone Health and it's doing really well!"


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2017, Shelley Zeichner